Debt Consolidation Loans

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Many people are in debt of some form, personal, credit, car, home, mortgage, business, health or for any other reason. Getting into debt is easy, but getting out is the hard part. Most people won’t get out of debt because they are only paying the interest on their current debt because of such high interest rates on there current debt. Most people think they are doomed unless they get a better job, but that is not the case. Banks usually don’t grant money to people with bad credit or if they plan to use the money to pay off other debt. This is why people in debt should look to there peers via peer to peer lending. With peer to peer lending you submit a loan amount, state the reason why you want the loan, then the FDIC insured middleman will evaluate your loan application and credit report and then issue you an interest rate for your specific loan. You can accept or deny the loan. Once you accept the loan, investors will begin to fund your loan over a week long period. Once your loan is completely funded by the investors, your loan will be transfered to your bank account. You will have 3 years to pay it off. How to Get Low Interest Loan Peer to peer lending is the future of banking because banks are only going to get more strict with there lending guidelines, so people will have nowhere to turn. Peer to peer lending is a win win for both the borrower and the investor as the investor gets a better interest rate than they are currently getting in there savings account and the borrower is paying a lower interest rate on there debt.

How to Get Low Interest Loans


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