How going back to school as an adult can further your career

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You may think that your days of education are over. You may have fond memories of student parties and a great social life interspersed with cramming for exams, but the idea of going back to them is not something you really want to do. What if, however, you want to go for a promotion that requires a certificate, or you want to change careers, but you don’t have the right qualifications? Going back to school may be the way forward, but you are worried about the time and money you will need to spend. You will need to weigh up the pros and cons, but there are certainly some positives to come out of going back to school:

More confidence

Confidence is something that grows naturally during the course of a job, provided of course that you are doing well in it. However, the confidence that extra education gives could just give you an edge over your colleagues. The chances are that, as a mature student, you will be more willing to settle down and do the work – this means that you are likely to get higher grades than your younger counterparts and this in turn will give you more confidence.

Wider acceptance

It is perhaps unfair in some circumstances, but there is no doubt that education, backed up with work experience, will raise your profile. Customers dealing with someone who seems to know what they are talking about and has the qualifications to back it up are likely to be reassured. And there is little doubt that your work colleagues, and most importantly your bosses, will come to consider you as an expert in your particular area.

Broaden your network

These days, the lines between academia and business are hazy. You may initially think that an academic professor will be of little use to you as a business person, but you could be mistaken and they may be able to offer you sound business advice. In any case, it can do no harm to get your name known in different circles – it could well bring you unexpected custom. And in the future, you will have a broader selection of people to go to when you need advice.

A chance to re-evaluate your life

If you are taking time out of work in order to go back to school, then you have the chance to think long and hard about what it is that you are doing and where you want to go next. If you have been unhappy in your past career, consider why and think about how you can avoid this happening again. Beginning a new career can be daunting, but there are always transferrable skills, so you won’t really be starting right from the beginning.

An incentive to work harder

You are likely to be motivated to work harder, whether your company is paying for you to go back to school or you are paying for it yourself. Suddenly, the path ahead may seem clearer and hurdles that were previously in your way will disappear. Your demeanour will change and you will seem more hungry for success. This will be noticed by your employers and should stand you in good stead for promotion.

Going back to school is not a subject to be considered lightly, However, there are a number of advantages to it – you just need to decide whether, in your particular case, it would be worth your while.


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