Feminine Hygiene and Summer’s Eve

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Feminine hygiene is a taboo topic, but something that women are supposed to stay on top of. This topic is so hush, hush that many mothers don’t talk to their daughters about standard feminine hygiene practices such as douching or which products work best. I am here to offer my opinion about one brand of feminine hygiene products I personally recommend: Summer’s Eve.

Summer’s Eve makes feminine hygiene products which include disposable douche, cleansing wipes, feminine wash, and medical strength products geared towards vaginal irritation. Each product is useful and has given me great results over the years. Perhaps the three essential products that Summer’s Eve offers are their douche, feminine cleansing cloths and feminine deodorant sprays.

Summer’s Eve douche comes in a variety of scents, my favorite is Island Splash. Their douche comes in three basic formulas, regular, ultra and medicated. The regular formula comes in many scents and is ideal for regular vaginal cleansing. Summer’s Eve Ultra is an extra cleansing formula best for use after your period. The Medicated Formula is an iodine based douche designed for treating vaginal irritation such as itching.

I do not recommend douching more than twice a week and even then allow at least three days between uses. This is because douche can cause vaginal dryness if used too frequently. Just in case you have never experienced vaginal dryness before, it hurts. You may feel sore and when you go to pee it will more than likely burn. Ouch!

The one exception to this rule is for the medicated douche. Chances are that if you need the medicated douche you have a yeast infection or some other condition that is causing your vaginal irritation. The medicated douche is to be used for seven days to treat your vaginal irritation. Before you use the douche see a gynecologist first and ask if it is safe to use it for your condition.

Summer’s Eve cleansing cloths and deodorant sprays are for freshening up after using the toilet or excessive sweating. The cleansing cloths will remove any dirt or sweat leaving you feeling fresh while the spray will keep you dry. Both products come in scented and unscented formulas for sensitive skin. I recommend carrying at least 10 packs of cleansing cloths and a bottle of spray in your purse. This way you have them on hand to always stay fresh and clean.

For me Summer’s Eve is the best for my feminine hygiene needs. Best of all, they keep me fresh and clean. There is no need to feel embarrassed about purchasing these items at the store. It means you take pride in yourself and your personal hygiene. I have not had any side effects from their products. However, this does not mean side effects are not possible every woman is different, so pay attention to your body.


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