What’s it like working with Patrick Dempsey

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What’s like working with Patrick Dempsey in person? I used to be in the film industry and I work with him once. He was really nice and quiet in person. He was very handsome like the way he looks on screen. He was medium build and he smiles when he sees you. He’s not stuck up at all. He’s one of the biggest stars out there. I worked with him on a movie set. He works hard. He works well with other people.

He’s a pretty good actor. He doesn’t talk much though. He just kept to himself. A lot of people are talkative but he’s just quiet and he kept to himself. Patrick Dempsey is good looking in person too. He looks exactly like the way he looks in the movie. He just minds his own business. The productions really welcome him when he was on set. I guess he’s a famous guy. I really enjoy seeing him in person. He was meek and cool.

It wasn’t like what you would expect coming from such a wealthy and famous person. He was doing a Bill Clinton impersonation and he was really good at it. I was impressed by how good of an actor he is. He’s really good. He did it funnier than Bill Clinton. He dances funny too. I was impressed by how much talents he has. It’s hard to be Patrick Dempsey. He’s a really famous person because every time I write about him online, someone always search for him. He’s very wealthy too. He said that he was nerdy in High School but he doesn’t look like it at all. I thought he was a good actor when I worked with him in person.


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