Fun things to do in California

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There are many fun places to go in California. California has many theme parks, beaches, dining, clubs, and shopping center. You will not miss anything when you’re in California. California weather is like Hawaii, it’s not too hot and not too cold either. I think the weather is what you will enjoy the most in California. You can visit the following popular places in California.

Six Flag Magic Mountain

Six Flag Magic Mountain is located in California. It’s on the 5N freeway. This is a theme park with many rides and attraction. It’s one of LA’s best assets. The rides are amazing. They’re high and scary for some people. I really enjoy them. You can go on rides, walk the park and just enjoy the atmosphere. The tickets can be around $40 or under. It’s lower for children. It can be crowded during the weekend. You might be in a long line.


Disneyland is a fun theme park for family. It’s a great place for a date too. You can walk around the theme park and take photos or go on rides. They have many different towns there. A lot of Disney characters there. There are restaurants too of course. The price is around $40 and less for children. It’s also a great place for Honeymoon. There are nearby hotels at Disneyland. It’s located in Anaheim, California.


If you like film and celebrities, you will have a lot of fun in Hollywood. You can walk the Hollywood strip or sunset strip. You will see the hall of fame. The hall of fame is on Hollywood blvd. Along Hollywood blvd. you will see many shops, bars and clubs. There are usually many people strolling here at night. If you like seeing stars and their footprint, you will be able to see it here.

Universal Studios

Universal studios are a place where you can see filming and celebrities. You will get a tour to go inside the studio and see how films are made. You will get to go on rides at their theme park. You will also get dine and shop at Universal studios. It’s right off of the 101N. The ticket is around $40 and less for children. If you buy a yearly pass, it’s lower.


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