Acer computer review

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I had an Acer computer. It’s working well but I had some problems with it too. When I first bought it, the battery doesn’t work that well. It only last about five minutes when other computer would last for hours. I had to take out the battery and throw it away. The battery doesn’t work at all. I was disappointed. I think that they need to work more on their batteries. They have to make better batteries.

The cord was broken after a year. I had to buy a new power cord. After I bought a new power cord, it didn’t fit in that well either. The connection to wireless is so bad sometimes too. It’s really worn by now after three years of purchase. I had a lot of problem with the Acer, Aspire 3000. I was angry that I can’t use the battery. I was also mad that I can’t use the internet at times. The wifi connection is not that great. I kept on having to buy new cords because the cord just gets loose and it doesn’t connect well after a couple of months.

Other than that everything else seems to work well. I think it might have been a return computer. I’m not certain but there are so many problems with it. If I have to buy another computer, I would not buy an Acer again. I’m looking for quality and I don’t think that Acer is high quality or at least that’s the case with the computer that I bought. They do have a lot of fun features but it’s not that high of a quality. I think you would get more if it was an Apple, Hewlett Packard or Sony. I think that they are making better and better laptops but the one that I bought wasn’t all that great.


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