Should you work as a model

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Modeling job is out there but it’s not easy. It’s demanding and stressful. You have to be prepared in order to face the many challenges that a model has to go through. Not everyone can make a good income from modeling. There are many competition and problems in the industry. You don’t know the hassle until you get into it. It has a lot of hassling and pressuring to it. It’s not like a day job where you can wear anything and just sit on your desk. You will be doing a lot of runway or photo shoot and not everyone can do it successfully. It’s tough but that’s how it is with modeling.

You will also get harassment from men who are in the industry or photographer. It’s difficult but that’s how it is. Before you get in the industry, you want to know the entire buzz about it and how it will affect you. I used to be in the industry and I know that’s not easy. It’s a hassle to work in the industry and there are a lot of mean people in the industry. I hear it from other models all the time. They would say how men or other women would be really mean to them. They don’t really care because it’s the modeling world or the celebrity life. It’s reckless. You have to be tough in order to manage your career. If you love it enough, you will nail it. If you are model material then you don’t have to worry about it.

You will make it. It’s hard to make it in the industry unless you’re naturally model material. They will always require you to be fit and it’s hard to do that when you’re not born thin naturally. You have to work out daily and it’s difficult. If you gain weight quickly then you have to be a plus size model. They will criticize you for your weight. They do a lot of harsh critique in the industry. You remember when one model jumped out of a building over critique. It’s not a friendly industry. You will have to read all about the bad things in the industry so you can decide if it’s for you. I don’t really recommend modeling unless you’re just naturally tall and thin because they will require that you’re fit unless you’re a petite model or a plus size model.


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