Toys for toddler – How to open your child’s mind

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Toys for toddler – How to open your child’s mind

Mostly, majority of people agree that toys need not be expensive, the latest fad or even necessarily a toy to be a great learning experience. My son used to love pots, wooden spoons and oddly enough, potatoes to play with .

Resist the temptation to rush into the nearest toy shop and clear its shelves of the most expensive and in – fashion toys for toddler. Your children don’t need them. If you have imagination, you can make a toy out of anything. Open your child’s mind to the world outside the home. Nature itself will stimulate your child. Let him take in the colors, the textures and the sounds.

Nothing beats book for both education and stimulation

Expensive doesn’t mean better. A child can be creative with a spoon. Get inside your child’s mind and try to see the world from his point of view. Don’t under estimate estimates your powers of creativity, either. You’re the best toy in the toy box. Find the cardboard box; find things outside, use things not attractive to adults. Nothing beats book for both education and stimulation.

A one – year old needs board books with picture of shapes, colors and sizes. Start reading to your child early, for about five or ten minutes a day, to build up his interest. If you demonstrate reading is important; your child will want to emulate you. Make books available, place them strategically.

A tricycle or small bicycle is very important to enhance motor development

Then there’s physical activity to consider. At the age of three or four, a tricycle or small bicycle is very important to enhance motor development. These are nature’s toys, not imported from somewhere else. Some children are so closeted they’re scared to walk barefoot on the grass. Take them to the beach, put them in the garden and shoe them the zoo.

But although we may have this romantic notion of a childhood similar to the simple and carefree existence we enjoyed in our early years, the world has changed. As your toddler grows, the latest electrical and interactive gadgets will inevitably attract.

This is a reality in today’s world. The benefit is that in today’s world. The benefit is that many games can actually teach skills like logical problem solving. When you are buying toys, the most important thing is to make sure they are age appropriate.


Never forget the safety of toys. Inspect them for small pieces that may come loose or be swallowed. If your child enjoys soft toys, clean them regularly so accumulated dust doesn’t lead to allergic reactions.

The child’s mind is a blank canvas, just waiting to be life to come forth. I operated a daycare for several years, and I saw the opportunity to tap into their mind. I tried to make everything around them educational.

It’s not the amount you buy for a child but how the toys they have are used. I’ve seen it numerous times after Xmas especially when all the new toys are put aside and you find your child playing with something simple- something they have ahead long before.

You can’t go wrong with the classics: balls, blocks, paints, paper, and other classic (and inexpensive!) toys. This is a very important piece of raising our children I think many people forget. We get wrapped up in life.

Toys for toddler – How to open your child’s mind


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