How to make women like you more

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There are things that you can do to make women like you more. Women are different so you will have to try a little bit more. Women like to be treated like a lady. It’s hard for men to understand this part but women like to be treated with respect. They like someone who will love them and care for them like they’re a lady. They’re ladies after all. Some men don’t get that part that ladies like to be treated like ladies. I’ve been on dates where men are very rude to me. They don’t treat me like a lady at all. They were rude and insulting. I’ve met many men who don’t know how to treat their dates. It’s sad but it happens. Women like to be treated in a special way. They don’t like to be treated with disrespect. Women like to be care for and loved. Women are completely different from men. It’s shouldn’t be a surprise since we are women and you are a man. We will have our differences.

Treat a lady with respect

Women don’t like it when you yell at them or swear. You wouldn’t like it if we yell or swear at you. Women are more diplomatic than men so you have to understand that part. They like it when you are diplomatic with them. It’s important that you are diplomatic and reserves things that are considered rude by women like yelling or calling them names.

Don’t make them jealous

Women don’t like to hear about other women. They will get jealous. It’s important that you don’t talk about other women. It’s important that you have respect for your date or your girlfriend. If they hear it too many times, they will want to leave. You’re taking a lot of risk if you talk about other women or bring them around your date or girlfriend.

Be there for them

Women will fall for you if you’re there for them when they need you. When they call and you pick up the phone, they will love you for it. It’s important to be there for people when they need you. It said a lot about your characters.

Be serious

Women don’t like to be toyed with either. If you’re going to date them, you should be serious or else you should move on. Women are more series than men and I think that they preferred men who are serious too.


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