How to deal with depression

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Depression is a common thing. Once in awhile, you might get the blue feelings. There are many reasons why we get those feelings. We get it if we have personal problems, weight issue, and lack of physical activity, medication, drugs use, or postpartum depression. It’s all different with each individual. Depression can be alleviated with medication, therapy or exercising. Exercising can change our mood a lot. When we have no physical activity we tend to feel bluer. The body is a chemical machine and a lack of exercising could cause depression. There are many times that I would feel the blue from a lack of physical activity. Whenever you feel tired, you can get up and go for a walk or jog. You will feel much better afterward. Running can help you increase your mood.

When you exercise your body will release feel good hormones like endorphin and it will lessen depression. Depression happens because we lack certain chemical or we have little of it and that’s why we feel depressed. Sometimes personal problems can also cause us to feel depressed. The more you can do to fix your depression problem the sooner you will get back to feeling better. Depression has a lot to do with biology but it’s from personal problems sometimes too. Everything works together to form depression. It’s best that you find the root to your problems so you can fix it. Depression can be fixed. All you need to do is get to the doctor and let them work on it. Depression can prevent us from being our best. We might stay indoor more or we might be afraid to go out and have fun. Depression kept us from getting up and accomplishing our goal.

For some depression can cause them to do harmful things such as postpartum depression which is very heavy. Many pregnant women feel so depressed that they would snap at anyone or do other things that are not appropriate. Depression is a short term thing sometimes and it can be fixed. I’ve witnessed many senior citizens being depressed all the time. They feel so blue that they are literally crying on the spot and I think it has to do with being low on certain chemical in their body. What can you do if you’re depressed? There are many solutions to your problems. You can get to the doctor and let them decide how to treat you. Some problems are mild and some are heavy and all will be treated differently. For mild symptoms they might counsel you and suggest exercising to help boost your mood. For heavy symptoms, they might suggest that you take medication, get light therapy and counseling. There are many treatment available and you shouldn’t have to go at it alone.


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