How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you

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How can you tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you? It’s not hard, if you pay attention enough, you will see that they’re cheating on you. Women do cheat sometimes. Why do they cheat? If they’re not happy they will cheat. There are many reasons why someone would cheat on you. It all depends on the situation. Only you would know why. I think people cheat because they’re having problems in the relationship. They’re not happy and they want to look for something else.  They want to move on or they’re just plain greedy. You can never tell their motives. People are strange sometimes. You will not be able to guess when they’re going to cheat or why they cheat. They act on their mood sometimes. They don’t know what they’re doing sometimes too. They can be impulsive.

They pick arguments

If they keep picking fights with you, you should take it as a hint. If they are still into you they wouldn’t be picking fights all the time. If they keep on picking fights, you should consider it as a sign of cheating. They might want to make you angry so you can break up with them.

They don’t pick up the phone

Why wouldn’t’ someone pick up the phone on you? If they still like you they should be picking up the phone. If they keep on ignoring you then it’s a sign that they might want to move on in the relationship. The only way to find out is to confront them.

They don’t make plans anymore

If they don’t make plans anymore, it could be that they’re into someone new. They could be making plans with someone new. Why wouldn’t they be making plans with you if they’re with you? If they say no when you want to make plans with them, it means that they are with someone new.

They’re busy

If they’re busy all the time, you should wonder why they’re busy all the time. They should be available if they’re in a relationship with you. If they’re busy all the time, you should ask them why they don’t have time for you.


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