Airedale Terrier

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The Airedale Terrier is a terrier breed dog just incase the name didn’t give it away.  They usually grow to a height of 22 – 23 inches and weigh 50 – 60 pounds.  They usually live into their late teens.  They have a wiry tan and black coat that looks best when it is hand stripped, so some special grooming is required to keep this dog looking good.  The breed originated in the mid 19th century in Yorkshire, England.  While they are very intelligent and protective of their families, they can be an opportunistic dog, so someone with previous dog ownership experience is recommended for this particular animal rather than the Airedale being someone’s first dog.  They require a lot of socializing with both people and other animals and dogs to behave acceptably in new situations.  This particular breed is best with older children, but can be good with younger ones as long as they are raised together so to speak.  Also known as the Waterside Terrier and the Bingley Terrier, this dog tends to be very territorial.  Officially recognized by the Kennel Club of England in 1886, the dog was originally bred to work and therefore requires a high level of exercise so it is not a recommended dog for apartment life or other small spaces.  With such a high demand for exercise this breed usually will love to run, chase a ball, play games, or swim, anything where they can get some exercise and have fun.  After the first couple of years the exercise need can drop some, but the first two years the need is constant.  They live to be about 10 – 12 years old and give birth to an average of about 9 puppies per litter.  These dogs also require extensive grooming, so that is another responsibility that any possible future owner should be aware of and prepared for.


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