Steps to take when creating a family tree

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It may be difficult for some to discover their family roots online due to damaged records during World War II. A lot of information can be found online but difficult to find data related directly to your family. It can be really difficult if you have a common last name such as Smith or Jones. The best thing to do is to look for clues in the relationship.
For a more convenient and less stressful search you may want to purchase genealogy software put together and organize all the date you received about your family.
The following steps are suggested in order to get a good start on your search. You must first get a list of all known relatives. You may not get them all but get as many as you can. You may be more successful by asking older family members. Now you want to interview all relatives beginning with the eldest and ask them the names of all their relatives and where they were born as well as their death information. You would benefit by finding others who are tracing the same name and collect information from them that could be beneficial toward your search. If you cannot find any information online you could check at the area churches to see if they were members and if they had any information they could give you. Make sure you document any information you receive so that you can go over it frequently to see your progress as well as to see if there maybe something you overlooked.


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