6 tips to customize body kit for your ride

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A body kit allows you to customize your car to make it look elegant and unique. There are plenty of options outside of the platform available for most car models. If you are a body kit, be prepared to invest much time and money to create your own look.


1. Design a body kit.

Improve your vehicle’s body, often includes the addition of a spoiler and ground effects and changes in skirts or bumpers and grills of the cars. You can do anything when it comes to creating a custom body kit. Look online or in the car shows custom ideas. Draw your design on paper or a computer program like Photoshop or CAD.

2. Create the mold.
In most cases equipment body are made of fiberglass or plastic. To create a custom the best option is a plastic, moldable. This will have to create a mold to set and shape the plastic. It is best to take your design to the store that a customer can create or modify an existing mold mold to accommodate the design. Making your own mold miles could cost more than buying a body kit from a retailer on a custom contact your store for help.

3. They have the kit of parts made.

Often, once the mold is made, the plastic is poured into the mold and heated to set the plastic. Again, this is best done by a professional, you’re the team. With your help, you can see your design come to life.

4. Connect the kit of parts.
Each part of the bumper to the wing must be securely attached to your vehicle. Bolted on the parts are safer than the stick on versions to ensure that your design includes the ability to secure the seams between the car kit and body.

5. Kit preparation for painting.

Depending on the type of plastic and its design, the kit will require different preparation work to make it ready for your custom paint job.

6. The effects of painting.

The best body kits appear seamless body of the vehicle. This often means that the whole car is a custom paint job after the body kit is installed. Add flames, glow, stripes or any other effect that suits the style of his new, sleek car.

Make a body kit is difficult and expensive to do at home. With a little help from your local store personalizing cars can design and create a body kit that is unique to your car. With a custom body kit that is always out on the road and make an impression if you are parked, speeding or drift along the road.


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