Triond writing website review

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Triond is a company online that offers payment for writers. Triond has many websites that they can publish your articles. They pay you via residual. The traffic is really good nowadays. They do a lot of promotions on the company so you will get traffic to your articles. They have about fifteen websites that they can post your articles, videos or photos up. It used to be slow but they’re fast nowadays. You can make a lot of money on Triond if you keep it up. They do run through all of your articles and they will only publish those that are high quality. It might be hard to get published with them unless they’re high quality.

They will only publish articles that are not published anywhere else. You can republish them after you publish them at Triond first. I think they do that because they will get more traffic for posting articles first. You get penalize if your articles are not original and are duplicates. The search engine will only give priority to those that are original and are posted on the website first. This is why they want original articles. You don’t get to pubish right away with them but they will publish it after they review your articles. You can write about any topics that you are good at.

They have all sorts of topics on there. They’re kind of strict when it comes to censoring. They do censor all of your articles. You have to write professional articles without all the prohibited items in order to get publish. They don’t like it when you write about vulgar topic or illegal topics. They will not publish it. They pay by the 15th of each month. I’ve gotten paid by them before so they’re good. They allow you to publish photos, videos, recording and articles. There is a great future with their company. You should give it a try if you’re a freelance writer.


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