Textbroker writing website review

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Text broker is a website for freelance writers. They offer you an upfront payment and no residual. They act as a platform for writers and publishers or clients. They earn commissions from your writings. I used to write for them. I earn some money for awhile but they’re kind of hard to write for. The clients expect too much. They’re located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s easy to sign up and they pretty much accept anyone that has decent writing skills. You will need to submit you’re writing samples and then they will go from there. They will assign you a stars level and that’s how you will get to pick on assignments. You will only get to write two stars level if you are two stars. If you’re more than a two stars then you will get to write on those levels.

The pay is higher of course. Each time that you write, they will change your stars level. If you write better, it will increase and you will make more money. If you write worse, it will change back and you will make less money. They do have an editor working on the site. They will pay you anywhere from $1-$10 for every article that you finish. It’ll depend on your stars level again. Their clients range from websites to magazines. Usually they’re for websites. They have every category there that you can imagine. It’s easy to pick those categories.

Most of the time, you will need to write on topics that are for products like healthcare or leather couch. There will be time when websites clients will ask you for seo articles. They have around a 1000 articles available right now. They’re new so they’re still getting in more clients. Textbroker paid me all of my earnings. They pay via paypal. I guess they’re trustworthy. They do provide good service too. The clients can be demanding on there. I wrote several articles and then they told me to redo it completely which is bad for me since I don’t have that kind of time. They might make you redo articles if it’s not what they want.


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