Akbash Dog

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The Akbash Dog is a well tempered animal.  They are very maternal and great with children.  They can be good with other dogs and other kinds of animals as well, so long as they are raised around them or at least given proper adjustment time when having to learn to live with them at an older age.  While inside they are a relatively inactive dog, but they do require plenty of space to run and long daily walks due to the fact that they are rather athletic creatures.  Originally used as livestock guard animals, they are very protective and require high amounts of socialization because they are naturally suspicious of strangers and this characteristic increases with lack of socialization.  The dog has been recognized as a breed back longer than I could find information about, so the breed is ancient, but it is know that it originated in Turkey.  They are a large breed dog measuring 27″ – 31″ at the shoulder and weighing 75 – 130 pounds.  Being a larger dog with exercise requirements, this is not a breed that is recommended for apartment or other small space living.  Being an intelligent dog and not overly temperamental, the dog has little training requirements.  They usually live to be somewhere in their lower teens and when bred have litters of 7 – 9 puppies.  The only color coat that an Akbash will have is white and since it is a double layered coat, it requires heavy coming and brushing to assist in times of shed.  Other than that the coat is low maintenance as far as grooming in any other fashion.


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