Life inside the Womb

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I feel lost inside the womb of my mother. I was ready to be born when I heard the sudden splash of light traveled into me. It glowed inside me like a firefly in the night sky. It glistened softly in every corners of my skin. I felt terrorized and abused when it suddenly moved inside me violently. I couldn’t explain the pain it had given me every second of my minute life.

Huge waves of translucent blood has accumulated near me. Beams of light had struck me as the river-like fluids flowed down to a new source of light. Two unknown beings were waiting outside the open gate of light. I felt so scared and then I realized that the pain inside me had disappeared. Suddenly, I felt a big force pushing me down coming from an unknown source. It made me feel comfortable as this was done to me.

Nerve-racking sound occupied every space in the womb coming from the human that I’d waited nine months to see. I could see lymphocytes were carrying me to different bacteria which they said were good friends. The time has come, with a big push, my head had reached the gate. It was very cold and I was afraid of what was out there. The two monsters pulled me gently as my organs and cells expanded every now and then.

I was completely out, but I could not breathe. This huge beings in white were tapping me and saying’ “cry, please cry!”. I heard sobbing from a female-human in bed, looking at me as if she had known me for so long. I felt trembling inside my chest, the light which entered me made my heart beats so fast, and so violently I could not stop it from beating. Warmth was felt throughout my body. I saw oxygen gas and carbon dioxide saying hello to me as they entered my nostrils. I felt alive, and with the last tap on my face, I cried.


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