Understanding Education with a Philosophy of Education

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My understanding of education is that learning is a lifetime opportunity. Beginning at birth, I believe that individuals are able to gain knowledge to shape their individual learning style. I also believe that teachers shape an individuals learning through formal education in elementary, middle, high school and beyond. In addition, I am a supporter of senior citizens returning to college to satisfy their love for learning.

I believe that students can gain knowledge with exposure to nature in education. The incorporation of nature can help students become motivated about their learning. For example, during a science lecture, the students could go outside of the classroom to touch and experience nature while learning the curriculum. In addition, field trips to local nature centers can develop a student’s love for nature and learning. Motivation and the potential to develop a student’s interests are an important role between nature and education.

I believe the purpose of education is to develop a students mind to think. I feel that this is important because through thinking the student can develop skills to evaluate information and predict an outcome. Decision-making is a basic skill that is essential in education and everyday life. As an educator, I feel that a student can be successful if I can develop their mind to comprehend, evaluate and decide on an outcome for problems in life and education. I also feel that a purpose of education is to create an educational goal for students. For example, allowing students to reflect on themselves will allow them to create goals for their education. If they can use their mind to think about what their goals are and evaluate their abilities, they can create a foundation for success in education.

I believe that students learn best when they can tailor the material to their own personalized way of learning. For example, I feel that it is important that students understand and evaluate their own learning style. When students can understand how they learn best then they can tailor their study habits and test taking strategies to their individual learning style. I teach primarily first year college students and I have designed a lecture around an introduction to learning styles with the primary focus on making them better students. The students enjoy the in class activity of determining their learning style and discussing how they can use their learning style to its fullest extent.

I believe that teachers create a foundation of knowledge by educating children. I feel that children can gain knowledge each day by discovering the world around them. For example, I feel that only a portion of knowledge is developed through traditional education in the classroom. I believe that teachers should encourage children to be out and about discovering things, talking, watching and learning from other people. Teachers in traditional classrooms could incorporate this type of knowledge development by taking the students on field trips, inviting guest speakers into the classroom, and encouraging them to develop their knowledge by learning from one another. Overall, I think that it is important for children to seek knowledge through discovery and for teachers to facilitate this type of learning.


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