Do’s and Dont’s when on a date

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Valentine’s Day is near, and those meen romantic dates, piles of sweet words and roses. Most have a wonderful picture on how such a date should go down, BUT, there are so some things you might not do. For example, it is not super cool, eating a big fat kebab with extra garlic on the same day, you are going on a date with a dream man. And no, you can not hide the garlic with piles of gum!


1. Do not order a huge burger with lots of dressing and ketchup. It may not be possible to eat a burger while looking charming and graceful.

2. Do not drink too much alcohol, and get hammered before, during or after dinner. It is hard to explain yourself, the day after, especially when you have the wildest hangover, and don’t even remember how you got home.

3. Avoid talking too much about yourself. There is nothing worse than a date, where only one speaks and one who listens.

4. Do not impersonate something you’re not. The Truth Will Haunt You Down.

5. Don’t expect to end the date ione of your beds – it seems desperate. Valentine’s day is where emotions and compliments are at first.

6. Turn off your mobile! It is not super cool to be interrupted every half hour by the sound of the familiar Nokia ring tone.  It’s a big no-go.


1. Show your good manners and do what you can to get your date to feel comfortable.

2. Since it is now Valentine’s Day, so don’t turn down the romance, turn it up. It is the day when you can get away with a Cheasy time of good old William Shakespeare.

3. Dress so you feel irresistible and delicious. A good advice; slip out and purchase your romantic set of clothes in good time so you won’t end up in a the almost mandatory “what-to-wear-crisis” half an hour before the date. It set’s a super bad start on your mood, and on the date – And your clothes will scream of stress and frustration.

4. Feel the mood and open up to your date. This is not the time, to sit and play precious. It might be, that it is the dream guy who sits in front of you.

5. Whether the date was good or bad, be sure always to end the date well. It’s nicer not to have to hide behind the inbetween shelfs, when you meet him at the local supermaket the day after your date ….

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