Am I Glad I Didn’t Get That Job with Conan O’brien

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I was laid off from my job about a year ago. Like millions of other Americans, I began scrambling looking for a job. I’m a writer, mainly having worked in the news media, but also in the fiction industry. So, I was quite thrilled nearly a year ago when I saw a job listing for an administrative assistant, mainly working with script writers at NBC and what was then going to be the new The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.

It would have meant moving clear across country. But it would have been a job. And it would have been interesting to face challenges that would have been completely new to myself. Also, with my writing background, I was hoping that maybe after a year or two I would be able to work myself into a writing job on the show, or at least something a little more glamorous than being an assistant.

Now, a year later, I count my blessings I did not get that job.

With Conan O’Brien now leaving because NBC wanted Jay Leno to return to the late-night spot, it would have been a nightmare for my family and myself. Since Conan’s run on The Tonight Show was only seven months, I still would have been a new employee with little experience in the entertainment industry. I probably would have been hung out to dry all the way across the country, in California where the unemployment rate is one of the worst in the country. I probably would have had no prospects, and would have not been near family or any others who could have provided a support system.

I was interested in the job. It sounded excited. But things turned sour for Conan and his crew quite fast. I’m glad I wasn’t a part of it.

But hey, maybe Conan will be moving to another network and will have another show. That might mean he’ll be hiring again, and I still need a full-time job.

One can dream. As long as it doesn’t turn into a nightmare.


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