Who Got Reformed in 2009

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Who Got Reformed in 2009  

By Dennis S. Murray Sr.

In 2009 the error of politics in the United States of America has changed with the newly elected President, President Obama. Washington, DC and the world got a face-lift when President Obama took over the White House (oval office) and the country. Many African Americans and minorities felt that the voices of the under-served and socially disadvantage would be heard in the United States America and aboard, but this Nation including the United States of America got overrun with financial debt and Wars that were imposed on us from Former President Bush. However, the problems of the country and the world sit in the lap of President Obama and his New Administration.

Those that voted for President Obama was happy that now we have a voice that represent all the people of the country and not just some, which have been the issues in the past 8 years. Politics has been a dangling rope with the people of this nation throat and many have been suffocating for lack of air. The President agenda is to fix the country and to help the people get back on their feet, but since; President Obama has taken office the only people that has benefited from his presidency is AIG, GM, Wall Street, and the Banking Industry. These corporations were the sole reason that the economy spiral down in the first place and President Obama and the Congress decided to bail them out and not the America people.

Here we go again with politicians feeding there own interested and fatting their wallets, while the American people continue to lose homes, 401k plans, employment, health care, dignity, family, and more. Our children continue to live underground fighting for a better education while our outreach centers in their neighborhoods go abandon and unnoticed. What is wrong with this country and the political parties that represent us in America? Many of us have written and walk the streets in protest of the Iraq, Afghanistan War that is suppose to protect us from radical extremist nationally, but we are fighting this band of extremist here in the United States killing Americans people around the world for nothing. What is Congress really doing to stop this misery of evil portraying on us? What have we the people with limited power done to deserve this hatred of Americans people? The customers on the American Airline plane headed to Detroit haven’t pass any laws, regulations, or polices that govern the Congress; they were just working people headed home for Christmas, trying to feed their families, and avoid from losing everything they have worked for while Congress pad their pockets literally. Americans are targeted because we are the face of the people suffering like so many across this world as if we are second class citizens bunkered in. Know one on that plane deserved to be scare when they had nothing to do with the anger betrayed by evil that wants us dead.        

The Republicans, Democratics, and President Obama needs to be straight with the American people in 2010 because they are killing us slowly and don’t even know it or do they really care. The health of this nation is very poor and Congress is feeding themselves over and over again in the pockets of lobbyists funding Congressional members while some retired earlier so that they don’t go down in defeated in the November’s 2010 elections.  We have already seen Massachusetts, which has been a Democratic strong hold for 47 years by former ironic Senator Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy whom the country lost August 25, 2009 to cancer. This honorable man stood for greatness and cares about the people and never focused on his own personal agenda like so many Congressional members have done to fill their pockets. The political bomb shell election hit members of Congress, even though many saw it coming but didn’t concede to the weak election of Martha Coakley whom thought she would win the Senate seat in Massachusetts with know agenda to convince the people of change like President Obama did to get elected. The Massachusetts people are fade-up with our Congress and President polices for a lack of help for the American people and will see more Congressional member seats lost in 2010. However, the message of change that President Obama ran on is in the toilet with the American people right now.

The people of Massachusetts answered Independence, Scott Brown call to serve and the voices of the Independences, Democratic, and Republican voters lashed out and crashed the Democratic Party by sending a message to President Obama polices that they are tried of living on the cliff. President Obama Administration needs to look at the people and get us working so that we can move as a country and stand bye his side when his term is up, if he doesn‘t he is out like Virginia, New Jersey, and now Massachusetts.      

Many of us felt that President Obama would be the game maker; are we wrong so far or are we not giving him the benefit of the doubt. Unemployment rate nationally is still over 10%, and jobs continue to go oversees with no help in the United States to keep them here.  Unlike Sarah Palin when she indicated to the world that she understood foreign affairs, she capitalized on getting her own agenda regardless of whether we the people new what it was. Politicians, actors, and sports figures are the only people that get a pass like Sarah Palin with free advertisement from all the major networks and her bestselling book along with speaking engagements for thousand of dollars for her war chest. Ms. Palin made history with the Republicans and many of them are mad at her success because they are not benefiting from it. But none of this matter in a nation that is still divided even with President Obama in the White House as Commander and Chief. Some really thought that this African American man would change the course of America and help his fellow minorities, however disappointment is lingering high in the air.   

We still are faced with the problems that existed in 2001 when Former President Bush and Chency Administration ran this country in the ground, but President Obama asked the American people to elect him and also ask us in 2009 to remain optimistic when in 2010 his Administration still haven’t helped the people. Hope and optimism lends know balance when you need to feed your family or just keep a roof over your head while Congress spends money and time covering hearing on Mark Acquire and his steroids use. Mr. Acquire is only affecting his health and stirring up more problems in baseball than they need, but this doesn’t put food on the socially disadvantage and under-served communities plates nationally. It shouldn’t be news worthy, but we continue to feed these unworthy news stories to the major news outlets and not feed our country with jobs and health care.   

Recently on the major networks and CNN the balance sheets came out regarding the banking industry and Wall Street inability to care for the American people by rising bank rates, bank fees, and interest rates to unprecedented amounts. Banking and Wall Street executives will get another enlarged record bonus from the backs of the American people, Congressional leaders, and President Obama. Our elected officials and the President has indicated that they will do something about the Wall Street fat cats but; can they really do anything about money they have already given them or will the Congressional members want to lose the funding these Bank lobbyist are pouring into their campaigns. I don’t think so! All of the Democratic’s and Republicans have their hands in the same pot so that they can fulfilled their war or treasure chest of money and favors. When Senator Dodd and others retire before the soldiers in Iraq come home they would have fatten they own treasure chest like Bush and Chency have prior to there retirement.  

However, Iraq and Afghanistan regions are filled with corruptions and mis-management as well and our American dollars have been spent to bankrupt the American household, while contractors are allowed by former President Bush and Cheney’s Halliburton to go on with more deception and problems which left President Obama and Congress on the hook. Our Veterans fighting in these wars are seeing their families destroyed; lost of death, suicide, life after the military destroyed, and more.  Know one except the Veteran’s fighting these wars are in and out of the Veteran Hospitals nationally can understand their issues. The care is not that greatness but it something, however former Veterans and present Veterans need more and more to handle their problems everyday from President Obama’s Administration. Many of the Doctors are great when treating our Veterans but some are just going through the motions and not providing the critical care the Veterans need to recovery. We have not paid enough attention to the families of these Veterans and provided the care needed for them as well.

Reform, what does that mean to the people of the United States of America and does the President and Congress understand that they are continuing to hurt the American people when they don’t do what we elected them to do. The current health plan debates, job creation, education, war on terrorism, veteran relief, are not healthy for the people, when most American people are without any of the base needs to lead a normal and success life. We elected these officials to handle our needs and currently we are still standing in the same hallway going nowhere. President Obama will be addressing the nation in his first State of the Union Address in 2010 after the election in Massachusetts. We expect that he will give us the reform or optimist speak again,  but how many more months or years can President Obama give us this spin of reform and change.    


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