How To Feed A Kitten

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How and when to feed your kitten

It is important to feed your kitten with the right amount with the right intervals, but this can be difficult, since feeding needs vary from one kitten to another. Feeding guides on the food bag or jar is only a starting point. It is very important for your kitten’s health, her physical condition is regularly monitored and the feeding volume is measured.

To keep your kitten healthy, Hill’s recommends the following simple steps in kitten cycle:

• Weight your cat
• Give her the food, as it says on the instructions or the vet has advised you
• Evaluate your kitten’s physical condition by using your own measurement chart. Just setting the date, your pet’s weight and you will be able to see if your kitten is normal weight
• Measure the feeding volume in relation to your kitten’s growth 

Change of diet

If you change your kitten’s diet, for example two Adult food, or even just do another flavor variation, or switching to other brands, introduce it gradually over a 7-day period. It is a good idea to mix your old kitten food with increasing Quantities of the new food until only fed adult food.

You and your veterinarian

Your veterinarian is your best source for information about your kitten’s health and wellbeing. Ask your veterinarian regularly on your kitten’s growth since the obtaining and maintaining your pet’s ideal weight not only reduces health risks but can also cause your kitten live a more energetic, long and healthy life.

Ask your veterinarian which of these three feeding methods one best for your kitten:

 – Free choice: Feed is available for your kitty all the time
 – Short-term feeding: Feed is available for your kitten in a limited period.
 – Meal Feeding: A measured amount of food available for your kitten at specific times each day.


Your kitten must have a sufficient quantity of fresh water at all times. If it does not get enough water, it will harm the kitten’s health.


Although it is tempting to give the cats leftovers from the table, these do not provide your kitten with the right balance of nutrients. If you are too generous, it can give them too many treats lead to increased weight or nutritional imbalance.

The next step

When your cat reaches the age of one year and become mature, her nutritional needs will be different. She should then have to grow food that will provide her with specific vitamins and minerals in quantities suitable for her age. Many brands can provide your cat with just this. The different products for different times in the cat’s life is made to keep your cat in the best form throughout life, regardless of race or lifestyle.

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