How to create a blog in BLOGGER

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How to Create a Blog in Blogger

In this post,I will tell you simple step by step technique to create your free blog in blogger.

1.First of all,we need to have a gmail account.For this ,go to and create a free email account in gmail.

2.Now go to the website and login there with your E-mail ID and password you created on

3.After logging in,a page will appear ,on the right side of which,there will  a link “CREATE A BLOG” in big fonts.

4.Click on this link and a new page will appear where your  GMAIL  email ID  and your name (with which you registered in gmail) in the first two rows. In the third row,you will asked to display your “DISPLAY NAME”.Write a name of your choice. This is the NAME  which is displayed when we post comments on our blog or on other blogs.

5.Then in the 4th row,there is  a option to receive updates or emails from google .Tick it if you want them otherwise leave it.

6.Then again,in the 5th row,make sure to accept the terms and conditions and then click on the buton “CONTINUE” provided just below this.

7.Then after this,a next page will appear where you have to “NAME YOUR BLOG”Here you will select the name of your blog.In the “Blog TITLE” ,write the name of your blog but without  www. Term.Suppose  you  want to select the name of your blog as yourblogname ,then put the “BLOG TITLE”as yourblogname.Then check its availability by clicking on the link “CHECK AVAILABILITY”.If it is available,then your blog will have an address .Now click on the tab “CONTINUE” just below the page.

8.Then  CHOOSE A TEMPLATE.Pick the one which you like and click “continue”.You can change your template at any time you want.

9.Now you have created your first blog.Now click “START BLOGGING”.

10.You are now ready with your blog and it the time to create your first post.Now select the TITLE of your post and write the content.Finally after you are done,publish this post by clicking on the tab “PUBLISH POST” provided at the bottom of the page.

11.After publishing the post, a page will appear with the line”YOUR POST PUBLISHED SUCCESSFULLY”.

Click on VIEW BLOG provided just below it and see the masterpiece you have created.


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