FarmVille Mystery Gifts Released

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Mystery gifts are now available as free gifts on Farmville. Help you farmer friends through their post-holiday winter blues with some special FarmVille Mystery gifts. The Mystery Gifts will be competing with Dragonfly collectables and other FarmVille Collectables.

The Appeal of the Mystery Gift

1. FarmVille Mystery Gifts are Free

The best part of the FarmVille Mystery Gifts is that they are free gifts.

2. FarmVille Mystery Gifts are Fun

The Mystery Gifts are interactive and make some magical smoke before they open. This makes them a more interesting and fun gift for everyone. For parents who play FarmVille with their kids, the kids will love the Mystery Gifts.

How to Use a Mystery Gift

1. Send them out fast and furious while they are available. Go ahead and use your extra players to maximize your gifts today.

2. Accept gifts on your Facebook page to move the Mystery Gift to your Gift Box.

3. If you don’t have any room to set it down, clear something out first.

4. Open the Mystery Gift from your Gift Box and place it on a small open space on your FarmVille farm.

5. Click on the Mystery Gift and watch the blue smoke billow up. A window wll pop up telling you what your Farmville Mystery Gift contains.

6. ACCEPT your gift. There is no reason to hit “Cancel.” Always ACCEPT the gift. If you don’t like item you can always sell it later.

Mystery Gifts: What I Found

XP is only one of the items you’ll find in the Farmville Mystery Boxes. What did you find?


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