Farmville Collectables: The Dragonfly is Back!

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For a short time only (two days if FarmVille stay consistent), the Dragonfly is back! Get your fill of Dragonflies for your Farmville Bugs Collection through gifting.

Farmville Collectables: The Dragonfly is Back!

The Dragonfly might be overlooked today because FarmVille has also made Mystery Gifts available for gifting today. Maybe it’s thanks to Scooby-Doo and Harry Potter, but everyone loves a mystery. The Mystery gifts will probably catch everyone’s attention over the Dragonfly today.

If you want or need Dragonflies for your Bugs Collection on FarmVille, ask your friends to send you Dragonflies. Also use your FarmVille extra players to beef up your Bugs Collection. The Bugs Collection is one of the easiest to complete on Farmville, and six Dragonflies will help you reach your goal faster.

How Many Dragonflies?

You need six dragonflies to complete your Dragonfly Collection.

You can put up to 10 dragonflies in your Dragonfly Collection on Farmville.

You can keep the extra Dragonflies in your Gift Box.

Dragonfly Collectable Warning

If you have alerts about gifts, espeically time-sensitive gifts like the collectables, do not let them sit on your Facebook page. There have been recent glitches which make the gift revert to the current collectable available rather than the one that was actually sent to you. Keep your Collectables safe in your gift box.

Farmville Bug Notifiction

Although it was reported previously that FarmVille was not notifying farmers when a bug was added to the Bugs Collection, they now have their ducks in a row and have started sliding a small, narrow window up to let you know that a Bug has made its way to your collection.

This happens when you find one through plowing or harvesting trees, and when moving a gift from your gift box to your FarmVille Collectables.


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