How to Bring Compassion Back in your Life

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Compassion is something that everybody needs to have for various reasons!  The person with compassion tends to live a more fruitful life and enjoy life more and at the same time, that person has a good scope of what life is like for many people.  This world has millions of suffering people and many of those, if you see them, will affect you very much.  Many people lack compassion because they do not want to be affected.  Additionally, compassion many times leads to action and a lot of people don’t want to deal with giving.  Here are a few practical points for those who want to get compassion back in their lives, how to do it.

1)  Open your eyes!  Many people have opportunities to show compassion all around them, but don’t see those opportunities because they don’t want to.  If you keep a narrow mind and ignore people’s needs on purpose, then you won’t see the needs.  Based on the definition of compassion (human emotion based on the pain of others, according to Wikipedia), many don’t want to see because they don’t want to experience the emotion that is to follow.  By opening your eyes, you allow yourself to see hurting people and unless you are dead inside, that will lead to compassion.  That is one way to get compassion back in your life!

2)  Visit places that will force you to have compassion!  Nursing homes are a wonderful example of this because visiting a nursing home means visiting a lot of hurting people.  Going to see people that have nobody to visit them can be a life changing event and one that everybody should experience.  Getting compassion back in your life can be fueled by being in a situation that forces you to have compassion.

3)  Understand that you will be in a situation one day that requires someone else to be compassionate towards you!  You will not always be 100% healthy and at some point, you may fall hard and need someone to have compassion towards you and try to help you get up.  The old saying “what goes around comes around” holds true here and this is very important to remember when getting compassion back in your life.

Getting compassion back in your life is so needful.  It is critical to have a warm heart and one day when you are hurting, somebody will have a warm heart towards you!


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