FarmVille Land Expansion Now Available for Fans: Mighty Mighty Farm 24×24

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FarmVille fanatics finally find freedom! The biggest farm 24×24 has now been released. Find out how to maximize your farm and how best to your new land.

When you log into FarmVille on or after January 22, 2010  you may see an offer for “fans” who want to expand their farms.

If you did not see this offer, hurry over to the Official FarmVille Fan Page on Facebook and “Become a Fan” to receive the offer.

What you need to level up to the Mighty Mighty Plantation:

500,000 Coins – This option will be unlocked for you only if you have 30 neighbors.

or 60 coins- If you go the coins route, you can use this land expansion no matter how big or small your farm is already.

The Mighty Mighty Plantation is currently the largest farm available on FarmVille. Once you upgrade, you will have to refresh your page, as it may freeze. If you are easily annoyed by such things, wait a few days to upgrade your farm.

How to Use the FarmVille Expansion: Mighty Mighty Plantation

Go Planting Happy

If you were saving your FarmVille coins for a Villa and spent in your land expansion, your best use of the new land is planting crops.

– FarmVille farmers can now plant an extra 92 plots of their favorite seeds to earn ribbons they don’t have and to maximize their FarmVille profits.

Remember the more you plow on FarmVille, the greater your chances are of finding FarmVille Collectables.

Earn Architecture and Fence Ribbons

Decorate like crazy, using your FarmVille Land Expansion to buy rest tents, silos and fences, to complete your colletions of Archtect and Fenced In Ribbons.

Enjoy your new Mighty Mighty Plantation, you’re a FarmVille Superstar now!


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