What is Death?

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What exactly is death? Many religions believe that when one has died on the face of the Earth, they journey into an afterlife, Christianity, Islam, and Jihad are just a few of them. Whoa, wait up…, lets take a dead person for example that died of old age. Then if that specific person is dead, then why call dead the afterlife, if that person is no longer living? Is there some other dimensional warp that we don’t know about? That to me, would be the only possible conclusion to being dead in one world and living in another.

Why say afterlife anyways, why not just say life because there is no such thing as life after life, if one is already in the presence of life. The Tang (a Chinese culture) believe that in their human form, they are tested and can become dragons in some circumstances. The Muslim suicide bombers (I’m not discriminating), believe that their mission is to kill the all- powerful nation and by this they are worshiping the Jihad and will have 100 virgins in the afterlife.


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