How to Avoid Problems with PayPal.

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No doubt, PayPal is a popular payment processor.  People use PayPal to pay for the goods they bought on EBay. Some online businesses use PayPal to accept payments from their customers. Although, PayPal is one of the easiest payment processor to use, one has to be careful as to avoid any unpleasant situation.  Here are a list of problems one may encounter with PayPal and how to avoid them. Perhaps, you are a PayPal member yourself.

1. Your real-life bank account suddenly has an overdraft after you made a payment with PayPal. To avoid this, never rely on the message on your PayPal account that says that it will use your backup funding source in case there is no enough funds in your primary source. Instead, make sure you have enough funds in your bank account or whatever which is used as your primary source before making any payments. Another way is to avoid the problem is to make sure your PayPal account stays at a balance you feel comfortable with and you are confident will help you with your payments or buying habits. Also, track your transactions with PayPal every day to see if there is any unauthorized ones.

2. You are offering something in high demand for sale but you don’t seem to be getting enough payments when you use PayPal as your payment processor. The problem may be caused by PayPal not approving the kind of business you are in or the type of products you are selling. Therefore, always check with PayPal’s terms of use before using the service to see if your business or product is acceptable by it. The problem may also be caused by a bug in your interface making it impossible for your customers to make payments. Therefore, it is important to test your application with the PayPal Sandbox and make sure it really works before making it life. Although not necessary, it is better to have our PayPal account verified so that your potential customers will feel more confident in giving the money to you.

However, If your product is not in demand at all or you are selling something that is considered inferior, there is no way you really can expect anyone to pay you no matter what payment processor you are using.


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