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English is the international language and every human should equip themselves with this language. Today, i will give a brief introduction on the use of tenses in English. Though it might not be enough, but this is to help those who are weak and non-native speaker.


The root word is used to form present tense and future tense.

o Eg: look, present tense (I look), future tense (I will look)

• Use present participle for all progressive form (continuous form).

o Eg: looking, I am looking, I will be looking, I was looking

The past form of word is only use with past tense. Past tense is used when we describe an action which started in the past and ended in the past.

o Eg: looked, I looked out of the window yesterday.

• The past participle is used for action happening from the past until now. It is used in all perfect tenses and a helping verb is inserted into the sentences. (is, was, have, has, etc)

o Eg: looked(past participle), present perfect tense (I have looked), past perfect tense (I had looked), future perfect tense (I will have looked)

This is all the information i could give in this article. If you want to find out more, just visit the bookstores nearby your house and buy an English reference book. You might find it extreamly useful as mastering will enable you to communicate better with other people.

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