Twilight: The Worst Movie Ever?

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Vampires, werewolves, a demon-infested love story… hmmm, where should I start? For those of you that have read the book by Stephanie Meyers and have seen the movie, you already know that the two have a very small connection. In short, the movie doesn’t follow book and vice versa. First of all, when Bella is in the car, she should actually be sitting in the back seat as the book suggests, but this is very, very, very, minor. Secondly, this movie is created by a Mormon (I’m not discriminating), so there is no bed in Edward Cullen’s bedroom. After all it is called a bedroom, isn’t it? And Finally, this so- called “hit” movie isn’t the best things for guys to watch because the love story in the movie is all about Bella and she’s not even pretty. In Barnes & Nobles, I saw one teenager pick up Twilight and after reading through a couple of pages, he put it back down and didn’t even look the slightest bit interested.


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