My California Day and Nails Spa Experience

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Location: Robinson’s Galleria Branch
Service: Spa Pedicure
Duration: 80 minutes / 35 minutes pedicure and 45 minutes foot spa
Costs: Php 390.00 plus an additional Php 20.00 for a  special nail polish (Orly) for a total of Php 410.00

I don’t usually go to expensive salons to have a pedicure. I know a trusted lady who pedicures my toenails at a minimal cost; but since it was my birthday and wants to pamper myself I decided to have a pedicure in one of the most popular nail salon in our country.

I wanted to have a pedicure and foot spa to relax my tired feet so I tried the spa pedicure.

Since it is one of the most popular nail spas in our country, you can’t help it if you get to sit with celebrities and models. That day I had a pedicure I was sitting with Donita Rose, a popular Singapore-based Vee-jay turned TV host in a morning news show. And when she left, another model occupied the seat Donita vacated. It seems that they frequent the salon as they call them by their names.

The Service

First they started with a foot soak, your feet will be soaked in soapy water together with the scrub and nail brush that they are going to use to your feet. Maybe they soaked it too soften the scrub but I think it is too messy.

The foot soak lasts for about 5 minutes a. Next thing they did is to clean your toe nails, file them to shape the nails while alternately soaking them in the warm water. This procedure of cleaning the nails lasted for 45 minutes. The nail technician was very slow and cautious in cleaning the cuticle of the nails and some ingrown nails. I observed that they used a different kind of cuticle remover that has a shorter blade than the ordinary cuticle remover you see in regular salons. That is why you cannot hurry cutting or cleaning the cuticles.

I was timing the whole procedure because according to the receptionist pedicure takes 35 minutes to finish. After the cleaning, the nail technician put some sloughing lotion to my left foot and continues to slough away the dry flaky skin. Instantly, my foot was very clean and white. I feel happy inside. Next she sloughs my right foot and started to scrub after that. The whole procedure of sloughing and scrubbing takes 10 minutes to finish. Then, she finishes the foot spa with rinsing my feet with very warm water to shake off the excess soap and skin from my feet and wiped it dry. She started with my left foot after drying and placed some lotion and performed a quick massage.

She prepared my left foot for the pedicure while my right foot was soaked. I was worried because my right foot was too soaked in water so when she tried to start the pedicure the skin around the nails are too soft. I was worried she might “murder” my cuticles.

After the pedicure, I have chosen a dark red nail polish and it was finished with having your nails dried with a mini-fan.


The procedure of sloughing, scrubbing and massage took a short time and instead much time was spent on the pedicure. There is a foot spa procedure that is good for 45 minutes and I wonder what could be the difference with that service.

I read some blogs and there is a bonus head and back massage which the nail technician was doing on Donita when I arrived but I received no bonus massage so I guess it is the technicians prerogative.

I was happy with the nail polish and the shape of my nails after the treatment but after a day, my right big toe is painful. I hope I have no ingrown nails.

Will I recommend the procedure and the spa salon?

I am happy with the nail color, I just might buy an expensive nail polish and ask my trusted, personal lady nail technician to do my nails next time. You can try other spa in Robinson’s Galleria that offer spa pedicure at a lesser price and I am sure they have a longer duration for foot massage and spa.

Overall, in a rate of 5 with a highest score, I could give them a 3.5 because I am happy with the nail polish color.

I guess I am a very hard to please customer.


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