How the Internet has Improved People’s Relationships

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The world we live in now depends largely on the internet for most of our communications, here are some reasons why that is a positive thing. 

Long Distance Communication: Let’s face it, not only do people move across the country but we may also have friends and family in other countries and the internet has been a wonderful way to keep everyone up to date with videos, pictures, emails and chatting. 

Timing: There are so many times when I want to get an idea out in an email and it is 3:00 a.m. maybe where I am; or where the recipient is. If you know for sure someone is in a meeting and will very likely be in that meeting all day; just send them the info via the web and no problem, no interruption. Speedy transmission is also a part of the timing quotient; I don’t even want to think about going back to snail mail and messengers. 

Volume: Groups of people can get your information at one time, it could be a staff meeting memo or a save the date I’m getting married email, but it is a very efficient vehicle whether you email or twitter or text you get to address many people at once. 

Casual relationships: Sometimes you like to stay in touch with certain people, but really are not all that close to this person. Or you are in the same company and you may not even know this person but you have to share some kind of work information as a side project. The web is so great for that it saves the awkwardness of all the social upkeep when someone really is just always going to be an acquaintance for you. 

Getting it in writing or print: When someone emails you there is a paper trail. This can be good on a business standpoint and also personal. Not even just for “proof” or if you have to take legal action. Sometimes you can go back to a personal email and reread the “best of” you and your buddy goofing off at work, or a family member across the ocean who is near and dear to you sends you pictures or videos that you will forever cherish. 

Money: Sometimes you can save money because for instance you can transfer money to someone through a wire transfer from your bank’s web site and not have to pay extra fees to have another company involved, etc. Sometimes you can research things on the internet and find better travel deals for you and your family to take a trip. Time is money and if you can spend 10 minutes clicking to take care of tasks; it leaves you with more time for the important people in your life. 

There are times when you really must have a face to face interaction with someone you are in a relationship with. But for all of the other times that you want to stay in touch with people, the Internet has been the greatest thing since sliced bread. And if you don’t think so just try to go without it; it is pretty difficult to go cold turkey or to go too long without an Internet fix.


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