How to Maintain a Healthy Diet

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Losing your body weight is not as easy as to gain it up. Some people are become trapped in unhealthy diet system that can make they found themselves in a hospital bed. Here are some easy tips to do healthy diet, even if you spend much of your meal time outside in restaurants.

Healthy diet can start in the morning, at breakfast time. Breakfast is important to support your energy needs in one day. You can choose high fiber foods plus a glass of fresh fruit juice for your breakfast. If you like to drink milk, you can choose the low fat one, not full cream. Eat more protein, especially for dinner than carbohydrate can help you to losing your weight.

For snack time, you can replace your chips with small cuts of fresh fruit, and again, a glass of fresh juice.

Take your time while you are eating your meal. Eat slowly, and enjoying your meal also will help you to control your body weight. You may also need to replace your plate with a smaller one, so you will not put too much food in it.

Drink enough water. Sometimes, people do not know whether they are hungry or thirsty. Try to drink a glass of water, and wait for about 10 minutes. If you still feel hungry, then you are hungry.

When it’s time to go having fun in the restaurants, you can combine your food, between full-fat and low-fat foods. When you choose grilled chicken, you can add whole wheat, and drink yoghurt or low fat milk. You also need to be careful with salad sauce, mustard, salt, soy sauce, and pickles.

In full course menu restaurants, you can choose more vegetables for your dinner. You may prefer to choose baked, boil, or roasted, than fried foods, since it has less oil. If your foods come in big portion, you better share it with your partners so you won’t eat too much. If you are not sure about what is inside your meal, do not hesitate to ask to the waitress.

Choose fresh water or fruit juice for drinks, or if you like, a cup of green tea, instead of soda, coffee, or alcohol.

The last thing is, do not forget to take some exercise regularly. Easy sports like walking, jogging and bicycling are not too hard, isn’t it?


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