Tips To Boost Your Metabolism

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How do you rev up your metabolism so you shed more weight?

Here are some tips:

Exercise . Your body is used to needing a certain number of calories per day and if you do very little each day, your body will not burn much. Exercise can keep your metabolism increased for several hours even after you finish your workout.

Break the fast . Eating breakfast tells your body to start using energy and gets it moving.

Water . Drink lots of water. It helps everything move through your digestive track.

– ! Metabolism Boosting Foods Green tea is said to increase your metabolism. Even if it doesn’t do much, it’s chocked full of antioxidants as well. Coconut oil, grapefruit, papaya, and apple cider vinegar are also said to increase your metabolism substantially.

Smaller Meals .More frequent meals that are smaller in size will tell your body to use the energy instead of hoarding it. Many overweight people eat only one or two big meals a day.

Move ! Do something after you eat like take a walk to get your body using the calories.

Eat well with lots of roughage and fiber. These will move through your system faster than unhealthy food which our colons struggle to process. Many of these types of foods are actually known as negative calorie foods and they cause you to burn more than you take in. Visit my blog archives for more information on negative calorie foods.

Spice it Up : Many spices kickstart your metabolism and keep it burning busy for several hours after you eat.

Helpful Tip :
Why do so many diets fail? Our bodies can quickly plateau when they get accustomed to new caloric intake levels which stops us from losing weight. The Solution? Calorie Shifting Diets and varying your exercise plan. Get more information about Zig Zag or Calorie Shifting diets  and trick your metabolism into working hard non-stop


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