Farmville Tips: Free Farmville Cash

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Facebook Farmville is easily the most played online game ever. With currently over 70 million active players and more joining all the time, it’s breaking records every day. It’s such an addicting and fun game too. Did you know your farm grows even while your away? That’s why it’s important to fully maintain your farm every time you play, harvesting any crops that are ready and planting seeds in any empty plots.

Knowing what crops produce the greatest amount of experience points and coins is the most important aspect of the whole game. Sure, there are crops that take up to 4 days to grow and give a huge pile of coins and XP for harvesting them, but are they really the most efficient way advance in the game?

In fact, it’s more rewarding to harvest the quicker growing plants over and over instead of the more time-consuming slow growing crops. However, this can be quite a bit work so it’s not advised to just fill your whole farm with the same thing and harvest them all at once. This can be very monotonous and you’ll quickly get bored of doing all that clicking every time you visit your farm. Let’s think about this, you have 250 plots you would have to click to harvest them, click to plow them, then click to re-plant them. That’s 750 clicks non-stop. It’s actually a lot better to split your farm into different sections so you always have plants ready to harvest, while some are still growing.

This will provide a steady stream of XP and Farmville coins and you always have a variety of things to do when you visit your farm. Another reason to split up your crops? There’s a much smaller chance of failure. What would happen if you had your entire farm growing on the same schedule then something came up and you couldn’t maintain your farm when you needed to. All your plants would die and you’d be out big time! Keeping your farm split up with different areas growing at on different schedules is a much safer way to play.

As you start to get a nice pile of Farmville cash, you may be tempted to buy some vehicles to speed up production. They can harvest, plow, or plant up to 4 plots at once, so theoretically you could maintain your farm 400% faster. But before you spend all your hard earned cash, there’s a secret you should know. There’s a way to harvest, plow, and plant your crops MUCH faster than you could ever imagine. Go to to learn more!


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