How to make emergency garden shed candle holder from recycled solar light base

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Have you ever purchased a solar lighting set, taken it home and discovered you have an extra set of screw mount bases for the lights? You can use the stakes but what about the screw bases? Learn how to recycle the screw bases into a set of emergency candle  holders for use in your garden shed inside or outside.

Fort worth weather permits gardening into the wee hours in spring and summer and sometimes you wish you had lighting for that nice garden shed you and your significant other built.  Use these candle holders to solve that situation and then store them for the next time you need them.

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Things You’ll Need:

  • Re-cycled extra screw-on type bases for Solar lights
  • Scrap wood for base
  • Drill, brass or stainless screws and screwdriver
  • Sandpaper
  • Paints, brushes, wood sealer
  • Stick-type candles, drip-less type, colors as desired
  • Sharp knife for shaving end of candles to fit in solar base tube
  • Clear plastic storage boxes, size of shoe box if single base, to store candle holders and candles until needed

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Determine how many candle holders per base to make and how many you need in your garden shed. Size your wood base accordingly, spacing out the solar bases. Hint: Decide if you want the emergency candle holders inside or outside your garden shed and plan for their placement in advance allowing sufficient room all around and vertically to burn candles   Use scrap wood or purchase from local Home Store.

Hint:  Make all your wood bases the same time. Set each base in its’ location to see if you want to change location.  Visualize what candles will look like when burning and how spaces will be illuminated qwith candlelight.

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Cut wood bases to be about 4″ x 6″ if for single candle holder. Make dimensions larger if more than one candle holder per base is needed. Re-size wood base accordingly. Sand all sides in preparation of sealing Be sure and select your plastic storage boxes to fit the size of your wood bases.  Cut and finish all bases as desired prior to screwing solar light bases on wood.

Your closest Home Store like Lowe’s or Home Depot will cut your wood for you if you purchase wood for bases at the store. If you need more than one, select width and length of wood and let them cut them by stacking wood. One cut through several pieces of wood equals several bases.  Keep any excess wood for future projects.

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Pre-paint wood bases or leave natural. If candle holder locations are outside, seal wood to protect from elements like moisture in air. If inside, consider matching candle colors and base with home decor.

Let wood bases dry thoroughly prior to working with them. While they are drying, work with the candles to fit in hollow tubes of solar light bases.

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Screw solar light bases to wood bases. Pre-drill holes for screws in wood. Use weatherproof screws, stainless steel or brass. Place in center of wood base or arrange according to size of wood bases. Shave stick candles, if necessary, to fit inside round tube of solar light base. Fit, then remove and store candles until needed in cool, dry location. When an emergency occurs, remove candle holders, put in candle, light and be glad you made them!

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Tips & Warnings:

  • Do plan on whether you need single or multiple candle holder bases inside or outside locations.
  • If you have some left over wood make the base yourself.
  • Take care when drilling and screwing the screw holes. Beware of splitting wood.
  • Be sure and dry between paint coats thoroughly.

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