MSU Spartans Unveil Pictures of New Helmet Logo

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Michigan State makes its home in the Big Ten Conference for most sports, and the green Spartan silhouette and block S logos are pretty well-known throughout the midwest.

But the Spartans have a history of changing their uniforms quite often whether it’s to the “State” writing across the front of the basketball jerseys or the various football design motif changes. Now, pictures have leaked on the Internet of the Spartans’ new logo to placed on the football helmets for next year. The pictures of the new Michigan State Spartans logo caught a lot of fans off-guard but is it a good change for the MSU football team and other sports?

Michigan State Spartans New Logo Pictures Hit Internet

The new Michigan State Spartans logo for new uniforms and helmets shown on and other Michigan Web sites shows a more streamlined Spartan helmet design to be placed on football helmets and other uniforms. The new logo is a bit harder to recognize at first as a Spartan helmet but it is definitely more menacing and unique than the original one which is similar to a lot of classic high-school type designs.

Reaction to the new pictures of the Michigan State Spartans’ new logo is mixed so far but it makes sense considering the new logo is all about a marketing campaign through Nike. The Spartans will seek to make more money off of merchandise from the new logo and this will provide them with that. One major concern with the pictures shown of the new Michigan State Spartans logo is just the fact that MSU seems to change so often.

They really need to stick with the logo this time to give it enough of a chance to grow on people and become a classic if this is the new logo they really want to use. Here is a link to the new pictures of the MSU logo on which will debut in April.


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