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If you take good photos, I mean really good photos, you can make some money with stock photography. When a business needs photos and illustrations for a website, presentation, or brochure they’ll turn to Stock Photography; and if the company needs your photo and it’s eye-catching, you just sold an image.

There are many websites for uploading and selling your images; iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, and Fotolia are some of the most popular microstock agencies. Each having it’s Pros and Cons, personally I just use Dreamstime. Here is my portfolio.

If you all ready have some images you should go through them, and with a digital camera their is probable a lot. Find images that stand out to you and then think of those images from a business or graphic designer’s point of view.

Agencies will reject your images; that’s ok. Read their comments whether their standardized “Lack of Composure” or “Poor Color” or Personalized “Please try… Thank You”. Simple things to do before you upload: don’t upload multiples of the same subject, Be very selective in which images you upload, Enhance contrast/color with Photoshop (Adobe) or iPhoto (Apple).

A DSLR or Digital Single-Lens Reflex is almost a requirement in microstocking; Only one none DSLR image of mine got accepted, usually because of Poor Lens Quality, High ISO, JPEG Artifacts, Poor Optical Performance. DSLRs won’t eliminate these problems but will make them less likely. Also DSLRs take some really great images.

Don’t go into microstocking looking to get tons of money; but hey, I made 50 cents two days after starting. It’s a good side job that is fun and does have a lot of potential.

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