Selecting Wedding Hair Accessories: From Veils to Hairpins

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After the big decisions about wedding size, location, and gown have been made, the bride must consider her wedding hair accessories.  A consultation with a hair stylist is advisable before selecting hair accessories, since hairstyle may influence the choice.

Formality of Wedding

A formal wedding in a house of worship usually calls for a veil.  A cathedral veil, which trails behind the bride, is the most formal.  The bride who chooses a long veil will also want a more convenient headpiece for the reception.  Fingertip or elbow-length veils can be worn to both ceremony and reception.  Most veils come attached to a wire or clear plastic comb to attach the veil to the hair.  If a tiara is used, it usually has holes through which hairpins can be placed to hold veils.  A blusher is a short veil worn over the face, to be flipped back at the appropriate time in the ceremony.  Some houses of worship may have specific requirements for head coverings, so be sure any wedding hair accessories are in compliance.

Less formal weddings, such as beach weddings, call for less formal accessories.  Shorter veils, no veil, jeweled hairpins, or silk flowers look lovely with an informal dress.  Hats work well with certain dresses.  The florist may create a real flower headpiece to coordinate with the bridal bouquet.

Style of Dress

Wedding hair accessories should harmonize with the style of the wedding gown. If the wedding gown is heavily beaded, a simpler veil may keep the outfit balanced.  A sleek mermaid or sheath dress calls for sophisticated accessories.  A tea length garden party dress would look better with a short veil or a flower wreath than with a longer, more formal veil.

Ethnic styles may also serve as inspiration.  The Spanish mantilla, a formal lace veil, is traditionally worn over a cap and flows over the shoulders to fingertip or floor length.  African-style head wraps might inspire a unique bridal look—and eliminate worries about having a “bad hair day.”

Veil Alternatives

The bride who wishes to dispense with a veil altogether has many lovely options to consider.  Bridal shops offer silk flowers attached to combs or clips.  Jeweled hairpins are available to stick in a bun or French braid.  A wreath of silk flowers is a great alternative for an outdoor wedding.  Jeweled headbands are a less formal alternative to a tiara.

Final Thoughts

Once the bride has chosen her own wedding hair accessories, she may want the bridesmaids to have jeweled clips or hairpins as well.  Such items make a nice gift from the bride if they are a style that can be worn to other special occasions.


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