Why to buy a case for your Apple iPod

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Reasons for having a case for your iPod.

The Apple iPod is the most popular MP3 player in the world. It is sleek, stylish, can hold thousands of songs, and can play games and video. Some models can surf the internet as well.

The iPod is also expensive and fragile; two things that do not go well together. You’ll want to consider a case for multiple reasons, but protecting your investment should be one of the primary reasons.


The iPod can get scratched easily and it can also attract dust and fingerprints. A case can protect against these aesthetic problems.

A case can also protect against some spills and drops. Rubberized cases are ideal for protecting against jarring movement and drops. Hard cases are ideal for protecting against splashes of liquids as well as protecting against some drops and bumps.

If you drop an iPod without a case you risk shattering the screen, causing scratches, and damage to the internal drive or other components. Even if the case breaks upon impact, it is always better for the case to be destroyed while protecting the iPod from the majority of the impact.


A case can make your iPod unique. Cases come in a huge range of colors, designs, textures, and some even have graphics on them. You can match your iPod to your favorite outfit or color with a simple add on of a case.


Nothing points out you have an iPod like the trademark white earbuds that come with every iPod. A mugger’s dream one might say. Swap out the trademark white headphones for another brand and color and you’ve eliminated part of the sign that screams: “I have an Apple iPod on me!”

A case can help take this a bit further. A case can completely change the look of an iPod. Whether it covers the entire device making it impossible to tell whats inside, or whether it simply changes the outside color, if the classic iPod logo on the back is concealed and the trademark click wheel isn’t as visible, this can make it seem like a less expensive and less ideal device worth stealing.

Depending on your iPod model, iPod cases can range in price from $5 to upwards of $50. The materials used to make the case, the accessories of the case, and the brand of the case can affect the prices you’ll pay for the protection of a case.


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