How To Reuse Everyday Items to Save Money

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This is for those of you who need to save money on your household needs.  With this information, you can be frugal and go green.  These tips can also be used for a home office.

Plastic Containers

These are containers received with tubs of margarine, certain lunch meats and other food items to keep them fresh.  One idea of curse is to reuse these for refrigerator containers for other food, of course washing them out first.  Also, if they come with reusable microwave safe containers, of course it eliminates the need to buy new microwave bakeware.  However, these can be modified to store money/used as a piggy bank, store things like small office supplies, sewing items, bottle cap collections, nails, screws, and other hardware, potting soil, grow plants, and store any other small item desired.  Also large enough containers could be adapted for use with cereal and other food items.

Plastic Grocery Bags

If these are received at the store, they can be reused in many ways.  These can be used as trash can liners of course, but they can be used to store itemas well.  Say there is leftover material or stuffing from a latest crafy project.  Plastic bags can be labeled with a permanent marker and used to store different crafting items seperately before storing elsewhere.  These bags can also be used for a garage sale or for totes of items needed to be brought elsewhere.  Of, course they can also be brought back to stores and reused, especially at those stores which sell bags for items elsewhere.  These can also be used for packing supplies or to keep dry in a wet environment.  (Bread bags are also useful in some of these areas).

Brown Paper Bags

A brown paper bag can be reused for mailing paper for packages.  Just make sure any writing or pictures are turned toward the inside.  Food pantries like these bags for giving out groceries.  They could be cut into squares and used as scratch paper.  These are also great for garage sale items.  They make great book covers for school books as well.  Need to make a grab bag or quick lunch bag, use small paper bags received from fast food or hardware stores.

Cardboard Boxes

Insteading of getting moving boxes from the moving company, people for years have reused these from home or a store to move.  However, these can be used in many ways.  Soda flats can be used for transportation of baked goods.  These can be used as packaways for seasonal items or other  miscellaneous items.  They can of course also be used at a garage sales.  Also, they are great for sending packages through the mail.


Reuse what paper you can for note paper.  Can also be used in an orgami manner to make some containers for light items.  This can be shredded for packaging material as well.   Make an envelope for a card out of old paper.  Use it to insulate items to keep warm.   Can shred for cat litter box.  An old envelope can be used as a shopping list.  There are many ways to reuse paper if a person is creative enough.

Metal Tins

Cookie tins and gift tins aren’t only for cookies.  These can be used as containers to hold a sewing kit, small craft items, food items, coin collections, and more!  They can even be reused as packaging for a gift for others.

I hope you enjoyed this list of reusable items.  Maybe you can think of more items to reuse.  If so, great!  Have fun reusing!


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