A Government Of the people, By the people and For the people.

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Is democracy working efficiently? Are people really able to convey their voice effectively to their representatives?

We have this situation where the president is probably giving his best to solve the problems facing the people and the nation. Yet his approval rating has nosedived. This means citizens are not experiencing positive change and are unhappy with the present scenario. They feel angry, frustrated and that their voice is not being heard. Basically there is a major disconnect between the functioning of the government and it’s people.

We need to create an effective and efficient platform for the people to convey their voice and concerns. I try to describe below point wise my idea on how to achieve this:

1. The government should create an organization with the organizing committee comprising an equal count of democrats and republican representatives.

2. This organization should have a website (called “CitizenConnect.org” or something else) where any citizen above 18 years of age can put forth his voice or concern. Say,

> Express his opposition to a proposed government policy in part or full.

> Express a change/idea he or she would like to see brought about.

> Vote or support on other’s idea or concern.

3. All individuals who wants to contribute have to visit the website and,

> Mention their SSN: This is to make sure they are legal citizens and not illegal or fake.

> Their some contact number: This is to contact them if necessary.

> Mention whether a republican or democrat supporter: This is to let their respective representatives know that they support the idea.

> Mention other basic info if at all required.

4. There has to be alternate channels like telephone or volunteer help for disabled and people without net access to voice their concern. This can be via a toll free number.

5. The government should create awareness and spread the message about this initiative by advertising on public television or its websites.

6. Let’s say a modest 1000 people express a change/idea that they want govt to implement and another 10000 people vote/support this change.

7. Every month the govt will pick up the top voted ideas and ask more people to vote on it. After three months some of the top ideas should emerge probably with millions of votes.

8. Now, effectively we have got to know the changes that people would like to see implemented. We also know how many democrat and republican supporters have voted for this.

9. When the government brings these popular ideas as proposed policy changes to the house & senate floor for votes, both the democrats and republican representatives will be forced to vote for it (when they know that their supporters want this change and so can’t vote against it just to play politics). These policy changes will enjoy true bipartisan support and no chance for filibuster.

Other advantages:

> The president approval ratings will stabilize and probably improve with time.

> People can get to know if the government is really with them and cares for their needs and concerns.

> People will feel that they have a say in the functioning of the government.

Hence, a government of the people, by the people and for the people. A country should be considered as successful, not based on the per capita income or GDP but on the degree of happiness of its citizens.


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