Traits of a ‘Halo Effect’ Project Manager (PART III)

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DISCLAIMER: The characters (a.k.a Project Managers) in this post are fictitious & any resemblance to persons living or dead is pure coincidental.

21. when ‘Progressive Elaboration’ is a concept that is totally unheard off.
22. when they’re oblivious to the concept of ‘Padding’ and yet all that they ever end up do is Padding.
23. when ‘Gold Plating’ is their strategy for customer satisfaction (assuming they’ve heard the term ‘Gold Plating’).
24. when they are from the school of thought that believes, BAD NEWS should be held onto until it turns into GOOD NEWS.
25. when they believe that the only body part that the Senior Management have are ‘Feet’ because they’re so used to kissing it.
26. when they simply decide to change the baseline every time before submitting a progress report to Senior Management.
27. when they feel ‘Planning’ is equivalent to ‘Blasphemy’, because by planning one tries to foresee the future and take actions accordingly; which in their opinion is like playing God.
28. when the only strategy he/she thinks off is the strategy to CYA (Cover Your Ass).
29. when he/she delegates Stakeholder Management to others, just like Scope Definition or any other project task.
30. when he/she thinks he/she does not need to work if his/her Business Analyst is managing Scope effectively, Cost Consultant is managing Cost effectively & Scheduling Professional is managing Time effectively.

Would appreciate to hear from you about the ‘Halo Effect Project Manager’ series.

Keep your eyes open. You’ll spot one (Halo Effect Project Manager), when you see one 😉



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