Search Engine Submission Guide

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Whether you are marketing your blog, business or articles, one important element is to submit your new material to a search engine! Search engine submission is a very, but very important thing. Many people will find their material indexed and put through submission by a search engine automatically (Especially if you submit work onto another website), but it is still a good idea to submit it to as many search engines as possible.

If I was to list every search engine on the internet, it would probably take forever, so instead I’m going to provide you with links and instructions to the submission pages for a number of the most commons search engines- Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

It’s important to note that most search engines will not index your submission right away, so be pateint. Don’t keep trying to submit your material, or the search engine may flag it as spam.


Google is the default search engine for most people, and you’ll be pleased to know that their submission process is nice and simple. Just enter your link, add any comments (I usually enter a very short description, with appropriate keywords), complete the captcha and hit enter. There you have it, submission complete, and your website is now linked to the most popular search engine on the planet!


If you thought Google was a walk in the park, Bing ‘s submission process even easier. Enter your URL, complete the captcha (Which you may not have to do if you’ve entered one recently), and Microsoft’s search engine has now indexed your site.


This is one search engine I will always have a soft spot for! Yahoo’s submission process is a little bit more complicated. First you need to create an account with yahoo (This is free), then click the link above, click submit your site for free (at the time of writing, this is at the top of the list), then submit a website or webpage. Enter you link, click submit and you’re done!


Popular amongst people seeking trivia, Ask is the perfect search engine for those of you keeping blogs or writing articles based on lots of facts and figures! Sadly, there is no submission process for Ask. It is powered by a search engine called Teoma, and there is no way to manually submit your material to it. You must wait for it to be crawled. 🙁

Multi link sites

Some websites such as, or can take out the legwork and autonamte the submission process, making the whole thing much less time consuming, as well as adding you to several smaller search engines. Most of them are free, but do require you to give them your e-mail address- something I find a little dubious! Still, if you agree with their Tersm of Service, these websites are very useful, and will submit your link to almost every search engine, making the whole process much less painful!


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