Five Unusual, Fun, Interesting And Unique Online Games

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Grow games: There are various types of grow games like grow tower, grow cube, etc. In each game the player has to select various objects one by one and place them in the playing area. The selected objects influence each other which results in each of the objects growing and evolving in unique ways. The challenge is to figure out the order of selection that will cause the maximum growth.

Cat with bow golf: The player has to guide a cat with a bow and arrow to its mark. The style of play is analogous to golf, hence the name. To view the map while playing the game, click on the eye icon at the top left corner. Tip: One can use the bow and arrow to shoot even if the cat is midair.

Jelly battle:Four jelly warriors fighting for supremacy in a constantly changing battlefield. You are in charge of one such jelly warrior. You get to choose various weapons and powers to defeat your opponents. Hone your skills in the single player mode and then test your ability in the multiplayer mode.

I love traffic: Here’s your chance to be the traffic controller and ensure that there are no accidents. A variety of vehicles are involved. Take charge of various intersections with twenty challenging levels.

Flyguy: A man is standing at the bus stop on his way to work. You can use the arrow keys to make him walk or fly. You can also interact with the various people and things that come along the way. If you complete the journey along the vertical path, there’s a special surprise.

I haven’t put any links here but entering the name of the game in your search engine will help you to find the game quite easily.


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