10 WAHM Business Ideas

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Not sure what kind of business you should start? This article will give you ten WAHM business ideas to get you started!

1. Virtual Assistant. With this WAHM business, you are essentially a remote secretary for anyone who hires you. You’ll do data entry, make phone calls, write letters and any number of other tasks.

2. Freelance Writer. Write articles for websites or magazines, blog posts for blog owners with no time, or even greeting cards. People pay good money for those who can string words together well.

3. Caterer. If you have mad cooking skills, you might want to consider offering your services as a caterer. You could also offer decorated cakes, if you’re good at baking.

4. Daycare. Want to stay home and look after the kids? Then why not bring in more children and earn some money doing it? This usually requires very stringent paperwork to ensure top quality care, so do your research first.

5. Tutor. Great at math? Have a knack for explaining English? Why not tutor kids who are struggling in school? You can do this at your home, in their home or even online. English classes for foreign students is another option with this WAHM business.

6. Artist. If you can draw or paint or sculpt, there’s no reason this can’t be turned into a business. You might not be ready to open a gallery, but you can do portraits and commissioned works to start!

7. Seamstress. Any mom with sewing skills has a huge range of business opportunities open to her. From making baby clothes to quilts from special clothing and tailoring dresses, sewing is a skill that is in high demand. You can work as a service or make items that you then sell.

8. Jeweler. Creative hands can turn out some really lovely jewelry and people are always looking for a unique piece to give as a gift or wear themselves.

9. Travel agent. Why not help others plan their trips and get paid to do it? You can either use affiliate links to help people book flights, or offer a more personal service, whichever appeals to you more.

10. Crafts. Whether you make your own soap or turn out crochet teddy bears, there is a big market for handmade these days. And, if you aren’t up for producing crafts to sell, why not teach others to do what you do?

There are many, many WAHM business ideas that you can work with. Do what you enjoy and can make a living at and you’ll be able to stay home with the kids and do something you love.


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