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As most of you know I am always getting into something to try and help those less fortunate than myself and with the recent earthquakes in Haiti once more I am trying to do my part.

A couple days ago I decided that with my website  I would change it to help the earthquake vitims of Haiti until January 31st. I believe that if all of us give as much as we can these people will benifit from it. Whether it be food, fresh drinking water, or shelter we can make a huge difference.

I am not asking any of you to give more than you can afford to give, but if everyone who reads this article donates just a dollar or ten dollars pooled together this will make a huge difference to these people.

I know, I know, you all hate hearing about it and you also don’t like the idea of others asking you for money, but to be honest if people didn’t ask then many would not even give it a second thought. We are all programmed to put our binders on and out of sight out of mind.

This tragedy has touched the world. The horrible pictures that are coming in through the media makes us all give thanks for what we have and sorrow fills us as we look at the people of this already poor country go through even more.

With Haiti’s political issues and already being in such poverty mother nature has decided that wasn’t enough and now has thrown those who live there some more.

This has touched the world’s heart not just one place and everyone is trying to do their part to help, like everyone else I am also trying to do my part. No, I am not a wealthy person but when you stop and think about it donating a hundred dollars is what a couple dinners out? A few movies? Or a day at the slopes skiing? Will that money ever be missed really once it is gone? No, you and me will never feel the loss of that one hundred dollars but will those people in Haiti that do not have fresh water, food, shelter or clean clothes feel the difference? Yes definatly!

So what are you waiting for stop by luluswritersweb and make a donation and make a  difference for someone who will truly benifit from it. With all of us joining together we can make a huge difference!

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