The contribution of science to humanity

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Science is indeed,a great blessing. It has revolutionized human life. If a man of the 17th or 18th century could visit us he would find electricity that we e for various purposes a magic. Humanity owes a deep debt of gratitude to scientists for their discoveries and inventions.

scientific investigation into human disease has yielded wonderful res. Medicine and surgery have made a great progress. Disease once considered obe incurable are cured with the least difficulty. Even artificial limbs are fitted to bodies of men. X rays play wonders in finding out the inner defects of men. Even atomic energis being used to cure diseases like tumours and cancer.

Mechanisation bot agriculture and industry plays a crucial role in production. The kers in these fields find life easier and more comfortable.

The modern means of transport have narrowed the world. It saves time and energy. The inventions of the ship,e motor car, the rail way, and the aeroplane have made travel quick and comfble.

Modern communication facilities make us wonder. Even a man a distance of thousands of miles can be contacted at any time.hese remind us the stories of the arabian Nights

The scientific means of entertainment like the radio, the cinema and television are interesting. They delight thrill and excite us.

Atomic power stations are being installed in India, while they already exist in the K., the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. The uses of aomic energy for the good of man kind are numerous and diverse. The entire humanity is safe today because of the coutions of science.


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